Lotus Thai bar & restaurant

"Moonlight over the lotus pond"

Category: Interiors
Year: 2014
Location: Yangzhou city

Lotus Thai bar & restaurant is located in Yangzhou city, closed to the “Slender West Lake” in China. A city with a rich history, that dates back 2.500 years. Historically Yangzhou city is one of the wealthiest of China's cities, known for its great merchant families, poets, painters and scholars.

The restaurant has a natural and easy-going dining-environment. The shape of the lotus flower plays a prominent role and keeps coming back in the interior. The illumination with fishes - hanging above the main dining-hall - strengthens the artistic conception. 

An ‘artificial breeze’, powered by the surrounding air conditioning, allows the fishes to collide - in a gently way. This surprising effect surrounds the guests off and on with nice tinkling background sounds - as if they’re sitting in nature.

Concept, interior design and material selection powered by Totems Shanghai.