Dürr Dental

IDS Cologne

类别: 国际展会
年份: 2013
地点: Cologne, Germany

Concept, Architecture & Graphics:
Totems Düsseldorf, Totems Stuttgart

Construction: Bluepool

Dürr Dental AG made an exciting appearance at the 36th International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne. On an  exhitibion area of more than 700 m2, the company presented its whole product range, new features and numerous highlights. The "feel welcome" gesture was an important element of the booth. It was divided into a lounge and two product areas. Visitors were invited to experience the Dürr Dental brand and were able to interact with different system solutions like compressed air, suction, imaging, dental care and hygiene. They experienced the booth in a surprising way, due to its remarkable forms and were guided by diamond-shaped hanging elements made out of textile.