Flanders Fields Museum

Exhibition on Chinese labourers in World War I

类别: 展览
年份: 2010
地点: Ieper, Belgium

Concept, architecture & graphics:
Totems Amsterdam
Production: Maqutos B.V.
Size: 350 sqm.

Titel: Toiling for war
This exhibition tells the story of Chinese workers in Europe during the first World War: various themes, from their initial journey to Europe and their hardships in the war to the Chinese-Belgium relationship are highlighted. The journey and the stories of the workers have been translated by creating spatial ports, with reference to traditional Chinese gates, in which each gate represents a moment in the series of events the workers faced… This breathtaking historical story is designed by Totems and can be seen from April 24th till August 15th 2010 In Flanders Fields Museum in Ieper, Belgium.