Floriade 2012, World Horticultural Expo

Living Nature Lounge

类别: 室内, 世博会
年份: 2012
地点: Venlo, The Netherlands

The 9th and 10th floor of the ‘Innovatoren’ building were due to our design transformed into the "Living Nature Lounge".

Innovative design inspired by nature was our guide to give gesture the Living Nature VIP lounges. The visitor can visit and discover each room where surprising elements like true "living nature" are processed into the interior. An example: in the boardroom we integrated a moss wall(!) to filter the air in order to improve air quality. Thus, the Floriade also lives inside the premises of the Living Nature lounge!

On the 10th floor visitors find a so-called "Deluxe Picnic". The kitchen is hidden behind a gigantic picnic basket, which has been woven around this entire room.

The outdoor terrace offers visitors a broad overview of the Floriade site and invites you to stay and relax a bit. Again, we have combined clean design in combination with real living nature created to make the visitor part of the art of design & nature.