Hermitage Amsterdam

Medial Experience, Concept and Production

类别: 展览
年份: 2009
地点: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Looking through the windows of the Hermitage Museum
Amsterdam has its own Hermitage Museum, a satellite of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. The restored and expanded 17th century museum building opened to the public on June 20th 2009. Beautiful treasures from the State Hermitage Museum are on view for all to see. Totems designed a media installation for the inaugural exhibition at the Russian Court. The projections showed people dancing in the 19th century Hermitage Museum though a window, as if viewers were in that ballroom themselves.

Totems brings history back to life
The museum building, originally a home for the elderly, now houses an historical 18th century kitchen. Totems designed an installation to help visitors imagine what life was like back then. This included the projection of two kitchen maids, one on either side of the room, who were engaged in a conversation about their lives in the past.