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  • trust your senses

    11.11.2016 |

    A project with lots of work and hours - but finally we love it. More about read here http://totems.com/bosch-automotive-electronics-trust-your-senses.html

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  • EuroShop 2014 in Düsseldorf

    14.06.2013 |

    Contacts. Opportunities. Prospects. For the retail industry. For its partners. For the future.
    ''You should be there, too, from 16th February to 20th February 2014 when the international retail industry meets in Düsseldorf. After all, the opportunity to profit from the definitive industry highlight comes around just once in three years – at EuroShop!''

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  • DNA-Mapped Furniture

    19.04.2013 |

    We are all individuals showing our individuality by wearing different styles or listening to different music. Each of us owns a unique DNA, which is expressed by our phenotype. But who knew that there would be also a possibility to represent our Genes or rather our individuality in the form of furniture? Dutch design studio Tjep. presented its first exhibition of DNA furniture and jewelry, called “Future Nostalgia,” at Ventura Lambrate in Milan this year.

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