Attracting with a wink, inviting a touch, enticing to stay. Accessible and tangible. We zoom in on brand features, focus on company values to find out its substantial core. What evolves from this are multidimensional stories, emotional spaces, rich experiences for the visitors.

We design spatial communication

Totems is one of the leading studios for communication in space in Germany. In three locations (Den Hague,  Stuttgart, Shanghai) we work for clients like AMG, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch Rexroth, Bertrandt, fischer or the city of Stuttgart in commercial as well as in cultural projects with very high standards of quality: trade fair stands, exhibitions, world expo pavilions, events, showrooms and retail spaces.


We create brand experiences

Totems develops spaces, in which the essence of a brand is reflected. Based on the brand's values and its target group we sculp forms, colours, materials and atmospheres into a tangible walk-in brand environment, which makes a lasting positive impression on the visitor and thus contributes to the brand's overall reception.



We stimulate Wow-moments

Spaces that offer experiences draw people in and evoke a sensation of curiosity and excitement. The visitor embarks on a journey of discovery. He is transported to a different time or space and is taken up by the atmosphere.

We tell stories

Stories are an emotional vehicle to access contents and Information. They make objects and characters come to life. Each company, institution and brand has a fascinating story waiting to be told.


We understand target groups

Totems cultivates client relationships and understands their values, objectives and desires. We also know current trends and styles in design, technology and architecture. These are our guiding principles when creating projects.


Nomen est omen

Totems are emblems and symbols that are capable of expressing the internal nature of a subject. Our goal is to penetrate deep into the true characteristics and values of brands and companies, their identities and stories, to discover their innermost nature and translate it into a unique message.