After nearly 20 years of working in the field of brand-experience, we enjoy it more than ever! Attitudes, perceptions and themes have changed dramatically over the years and these changes continue to surprise us every day, challenging us to remain alert in our fields of translation: architecture, exhibitions, fairs, events and print.


What is 3D Communication?  It all starts with a story. Your story. And we take it from there. Our team of specialists comprises of Architects, Interior Architects, Exhibit Designers, Content Developers, Copy Writers, Media and Graphic Designers. All working together to turn stories into spatial experiences.


Project Management

If creativity is our heart and soul. Managing the creative and realization processes are our blood and veins. One does not work well without the other and our team has a proven track record of both qualities. We know how to take control of the process, keeping you involved but comfortable in the outcome.


Although you might not find a signature style of design, one thing you will find in every project; a visual language that matches the story that is being told. Focusing on the target group,
we connect them to the Brand, Theme or Experience that is being offered. Always striving for lightness, colorfulness and surprising perpectives.