Algeria Pavilion

Expo 2012 Yeosu

Category: World Expos
Year: 2012
Location: Yeosu, South Korea

Algeria possesses a rich culture and a unique geographic position, wedged between sea and desert. Inspired by the architecture of a monument-Villa in Algiers, the Algerian Pavilion takes the visitors on a journey to discover the beauty of the country and its culture, geography and economic potential of the region.

The Algerian pavilion is inspired by „Le Centre des arts et de la Culture du Palais des Rais“ [Bastion 23], a monument on the Bay of Algiers. The centre of the pavilion is also the traditional plaza of the Villa, from where one can wander through the various spaces, which exhibit themes of economy, tradition and history. The orientation of the pavilion is focused on the two oceans of water and sand: the south looks towards the Sahara, the north side offers an outdoor terrace view. This is the place of the Main Show cinematic experience. Here the visitor is taken through a story in which a grandfather takes his granddaughter (and the visitor) by the hand in a journey through his beautiful country.

On the second floor, along the Atrium, are the commissioner offices and the VIP lounge, which also looks down onto the Main Show.