A jolly playground for the Kids

Category: Interiors
Year: 2015
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

The affectionately so-called "Olgäle" hospital in Stuttgart (Olgahospital) has opened its doors one year ago. Herewith a little review:
Totems was responsible for the creation of the interior: from the entrance to various waiting areas, which were planned as thematic courts with wall- and window decoration and the design of the ark as a jolly playground for the visiting children or children in treatment. The colourful circle with images of animals as shown on the image serves as a signpost to let children and their parents navigate easily through the hospital. 
Colorful and joyful places are created to help overcome illness and sometimes  sadness, and waiting time is intuitively shortened as the surrounding stimulates playtime and time for some happiness, says the idea behind the concept. 
The so-called ‘donation sculpture’, which is positioned at the entrance looks like blades of grass moved by the wind, contains rings with the names of the contributors written on it. A thank you-gesture to all who made the Olgahospital such a bright place for children, youth and women.


New space for sharing knowledge, facilities and resources.

Category: Interiors
Year: 2010
Location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands

ICSE is a Not-for-profit organization based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The cooperative project organization values sharing knowledge, facilities and resources as important tools that lead to larger potential for innovation, flexibility and risk management.
Totems was commissioned to realize the new ICSE Center in Eindhoven. The historic "Light Tower", the former lighting factory of Philips, a monumental building with industrial appearance was an impressively strong base for the center and its interior. The center gives professionals, enterprising citizens and clients the possibility to intensify cooperative entrepreneurship concerning sustainability and innovation in the fields of energy, health & care and materials.
During the process of development and construction, Totems was responsible for the new concept and the Master plan, including interior design, the exhibition concept and its implementation. The implementation plan was realized in form of an implementation handbook for participants, the detailed design, the budget control and the supervision of the implementation.


Private Lounge

Category: Interiors
Year: 2011
Location: Affalterbach, Germany

The Private Lounge Affalterbach is an ideal setting for owners of AMG high performance cars and potential customers to mingle. The new building serves as a meeting point for members of the growing worldwide AMG community and as a tool to cultivate customer relationships. Style, individuality and exclusivity shape its architecture and atmosphere. 



Stuttgart City Library

Interior design and signage

Category: Interiors
Year: 2011
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Photographs: Victor Brigola

The new public library in Stuttgart, Germany is one of the biggest public libraries in the world and sets important standards in Stuttgart concerning cultural aspects and the availability of knowledge and education as a social element.

Totems has completed the entire interior of the house designed by the Korean architect Eun Yuong Yi. During a two-year process dealing with these concepts, the medial presentation was analyzed, examined and finally realized. The complex challenge and the aim was to create an atmosphere of living amidst different forms of media- thus realizing a special quality of atmosphere in each and every zone and level of this building. The aim was not to just gather and collect different forms of media, but to actually live amidst them.

The interior design resembles the plain, geometric and well-structured concept of the outer appearance. Just like the books and all other media, terminals for visitors are integrated into the shelves that dominate each room. The range of books and other media is manifold: all forms of print products, data media, digital files, sheets of music, games, pictures and various collections. Highlights are special pieces of furniture. There are rooms for private as well as group studying and even areas to communicate with each other.

Already in the foyer you find elements of design that will reappear on all the other seven levels of that building. Examples are: the “Studiolo” as a room to actually reflect intensively on different concepts; service- facilities such as the information booth, self-service checkout devices, computer labs and a control system. 
Only in the basement you will find the “Skriptorium”- a modern reminiscence of the ancestor of today’s librarianship.

The special ambiance of the funnel-shaped reading room comes from shelves that are flush-mounted- thus creating a “monumental room of books”. The plain and simple furnishing adds to this effect. The shelving system was exclusively developed for this library. The system also includes facilities for the OPAC-search, for self-service checkout devices and to sit down and rest. In between the shelves you will find individual and group workstations as well as seating areas and the “Studioli”.

There are different media presentations on each level which function as showcases for visitors. A special focus was put on the furnishings of the levels of music, children and art. A “music staircase” invites you to listen to music and a sound studio gives you the opportunity to browse and compose. In order to easily change between temporary exhibitions, art is shown in a flexible room with special walls. The arrangement of the children’s library strengthens the creative influence.

The base colour of all furnishing elements corresponds exactly to the light-grey tone of all the other architectural and technical surfaces of the building. Cushioned areas are held in the CI-colour blue. A lively green dominates the children’s level. Markers on the floor are coding spaces for shelves. Separators in the shelves give orientation and create special subject areas. Cubes make the orientation within the shelve much more easy. Digital information-steles are there for orientation and information. Visitors can find different kinds of media by following these steles. On top of that they also hint at the various activities and events of the library.



Interior Design

Category: Interiors
Year: 2011
Location: Zaandam, Netherlands