Holland Pavilion

Hannover Messe 2014

Category: World Expos
Year: 2014
Location: Hannover, Germany

The central Dutch pavilion in Hall 3 was quite unique in many ways. As for sheer size - its total 3.000 sq.m. surface housed a colourful community of 30 innovative Dutch companies and organisations that presented themselves in an energetic, totally open and entrepreneurial atmosphere. Two large stages housed an extensive program of lectures and (TED-)talks. 

The architectural concept was based on kite surfing. It represents the Dutch spirit in a nutshell, with its dynamic forward movement. The huge shapes served as eye-catchers and proved to be magnets for visitors at the fair. The setup enabled maximum exchange and openness; the pavilion presented thus a mentality, a culture of innovation and cross-thinking. The reception was phenomenal.

Check out the official press release of the Hannover Messe.


Holland pavilion

"Share, grow, live" at the World Expo Milan 2015

Category: World Expos
Year: 2015
Location: Milan, Italy

Totems is responsible for the concept & design of the Holland Pavilion, a cooperation with long-term partners Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions and DVP Europe Eventmarketing.

The theme “Share, Grow, Live” represents the Dutch culture and its food-industry from research and production to distribution and consumption. The pavilion has an open setup with a total size of 20x120 m. It has a very central position on the Expo site, with the Italian, French and Vatican pavilions as immediate neighbours.

The Holland Pavilion is a reflection of the festivals that have evolved into a tradition in Holland over the last decade. Instead of a more ‘traditional’ Expo pavilion-setup (grand architectural structures), the scenography focuses on creating an experience by evoking individual curiosity with a feeling of enjoyment.

The Expo 2015 run from May 1 till October 31 2015. 130 participants were representing their countries under the central theme “Feeding the planet, Energy for life”.
With 21 million visitors the target was exceeded  by a million.

Floriade 2012, World Horticulture Expo

Entrance Hall & Interior Design

Category: World Expos
Year: 2012
Location: Venlo, The Netherlands

An overwhelming impression of surrealistic flora with great organic gestures welcomes the visitors of Floriade 2012 World Horticultural Expo.

Visitors who pass the Pedestrian-bridge over the motorway will have a clear view at this surrealistic presentation of nature, which is shown within the event area. Upon entering the atrium, the humble feeling to be surrounded by the overwhelming flora is what the visitors will experience. They are immersed by the theme and to continue their tour they pass through the doors of this surrealistic environment into the true art of gardening.

Our idea is to provoke astonishment among the visitors, so that their eyes will be opened and to be aware of the Floriade experience. To discover its diversity. The great organic-shaped gestures provide a break with the surrealistic nature but it also changes the perspective to have a closer examination of these elements.


German Pavilion

Expo 2008 Zaragoza

Category: World Expos
Year: 2008
Location: Zaragoza, Spain

Wonderful World of Water
The Federal Republic of Germany was represented at the Expo Zaragoza 2008 from 14 June to 14 September 2008 with a pavilion dedicated to water. Based on the motto ‘water and sustainable development’, a typical water cycle represented the central focus for Germany’s participation. On a futuristic sort of raft, visitors could explore the wonderful world of water. Totems was hired by Hamburg Messe & Congress to design the German Pavilion in cooperation with Reinecke New Media.