Category: Visitors Center
Year: 2016
Location: Germany

Truck: MAC
Photos: Kirsten Dorn

The fischer Truck on Tour. Totems created the interior of the multi functional mobile training, exhibition and experience center of the fischer company.
Carftsmen can now expand their knowledge in small groups in theorie and practise.  On board they will meet the fischer-experts of fastening and fixing with  Know-how and practical tipps.

It was an exciting and sometimes difficult work, which Totems lead with fun and enthusiasm to an interesting solution.



Visitor center

Category: Visitors Center
Year: 2011
Location: Ulft, The Netherlands

The concept Totems has developed for Wonion is one of warmth, reliability, Dutch ‘coziness’ and one of an ‘instant and modern classic’ character. The overall feeling when entering the shop is being ‘at home’. With the home used as an iconic value, finding it’s place in the design throughout the interior. The total area is 1228 sqm, divided into 6 areas with different functions, like product communication, product display, meeting spaces and workplaces. The concept is new, fresh and instantly recognisable.


Herman Miller


Category: Visitors Center
Year: 2011


Portaal van Vlaanderen

Information Center

Category: Visitors Center
Year: 2010
Location: Terneuzen, the Netherlands

Totems developed an interactive visitor center for the 'Portaal van Vlaanderen', the locks that give access to the channel Terneuzen-Gent.
The visitor center takes the visitors on a journey through the whole process that ships follow through the locks, while offering multi layers of interactive information; hands on and multi-medial. With its 150 m2 a small sized experience - but very entertaining. For more information please visit Portaal van Vlaanderen.


Visitors information point at Utrecht CS

Category: Visitors Center
Year: 2010
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

The central train station of Utrecht is renovating and it will be finished in 2013. During the renovation works travellers have to be informed about the process of change during the works. Totems designed diverse informative modular units that can be placed randomly in space. The units have a clear and accessible character. And it’s also a place to have a pause, sit and rest in the middle of the hectic station.



Flagship Store

Category: Visitors Center
Year: 2008
Location: Cologne, Germany

VitrA entered the European market with its first flagship store in Cologne, Germany. Totems created a blend of brand communication and aesthetics that corresponded to the urban positioning it had developed earlier for VitrA. VitrA’s Premium Sanitary and the Premium Tiles product ranges were given equal space and attention in the retail space.


Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

Schiphol Plaza

Category: Visitors Center
Year: 2008
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The shopping centre Schiphol Plaza commissioned Totems to develop a concept that would help create a new shopping experience for visitors at Schiphol Plaza. This was realized by creating a combination of lighting and seating elements and a series of 7 exhibits around the theme of flight and travel.



Playground inside the Customer Service Center

Category: Visitors Center
Year: 2005
Location: Rastatt, Germany

Kids’ World
Two worlds: A city for older visitors and an enchanted forest for younger ones - a platform for playing, hiding and dexterity exercises. The graphic design reinforced themes without restricting the children’s fantasies.