A-Fairs 2002-2004

Category: International Fairs
Year: 2002-2004
Location: Paris, Detroit, Geneva, Frankfurt

Communication concept for a series of A-fairs, in the period 2002-2004. We felt it in the air at the time when visiting Audi - excitement. The brand's soul in a nutshell. Our creative team took the single word and developed a communication and media concept and design for years of Audi presentations.

A visualization of the look and heartbeat of Excitement, turned that word into an experience. A central theme was speed - and the beauty of it. We visualized it as a blazing motionblur. Hyperdynamic. Gorgeous. The motionblur bound all product- and brandfilms and was presented on large LED-surfaces, monitorcubes, graphic walls, giveaways.

In close cooperation with MetropolisFilm (Utrecht).