BOSCH Automotive

Travelling Exhibition

Category: Exhibitions
Year: 2016
Location: Reutlingen/Worldwide

Photos outside: Ralf Henn, Bosch AE
Photos inside: Kirsten Dorn, Totems

Trust your Senses – Awareness Experience is an interactive happening exhibition, designed for the employees of BOSCH Automotive as a worldwide container tour.
Please click the following link for the tour:

The purpose is raising awareness of the staff to improve the quality of production by the 3 senses: feeling, watching and listening.
So defective products and faulty processes ought to be recognised and avoided.
Attention and concentration will be trained actively and passively by games and tasks at the particular exhibits.

Totems created the concept, the design, the architecture inside and was also responsible for the implementation.
It was a really exciting work which requires a lot of time, good intuition and creativity together with a lot of fun, as we tried all games ourselves.
We did it!