De Nieuwe Kerk

Exhibition "We Have A Dream"

Category: Exhibitions
Year: 2017/2018
Location: De Nieuwe Kerk, City Center Amsterdam

The story of the three legendary change makers Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. The exhibition presented the lives, turning points and meaning of the three charismatic icons of social movement and equality in the 20th century.

The multicultural audience was led through three contrasting scenographies. In the central 'reflection' space, flanked by a sensational 50 m2 mirror, the visitors are challenged to reflect upon their own personal ideas and experiences. 

The Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam, with its direct access from the Dam being the pinnacle of our multicultural and international society - was the ideal location for this theme. The exhibition drew a total of app 60.000 visitors.

This spectacular exhibition ran from September 2017 until 4 February 2018.