Orange World

Category: Exhibitions
Year: 2011
Location: Sundern, Germany

An inspiring mix of tradition and innovation to be explored! SKS metaplast GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of high quality pumps and mudguards, a specialist for bike parts ”Made in Germany“, decided to create a communication- and training-centre at their headquarter in Sundern, Germany.  A part of their former production on-site, with around 800 sq.m, was converted to a multifunctional showroom, the Orange World. It became a platform to present their products, a place for internal communication (e.g. meetings and trainings) but also a place to invite guests, especially clients and dealers.

Totems is responsible for the concept, design, project management and the realisation on-site, we created an atmospherically space with different functions. A central spatial form is the ideal place to present products and also the history of the company, the brand SKS. Around that, different distinctive rooms were designed: a lounge for informal meetings, training-room, meeting-room, bike shop and an area where OEM-parts are shown.

The former production hall kept his industrial character with rough concrete walls, old steel piles and concrete flooring. New elements, like mobile textile walls, new synthetic materials, like acrylic displays, white lacquered surfaces are in contrast to the old structure. A very light and exciting place to meet appeared.