Holland pavilion

"Share, grow, live" at the World Expo Milan 2015

Category: World Expos
Year: 2015
Location: Milan, Italy

Totems is responsible for the concept & design of the Holland Pavilion, a cooperation with long-term partners Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions and DVP Europe Eventmarketing.

The theme “Share, Grow, Live” represents the Dutch culture and its food-industry from research and production to distribution and consumption. The pavilion has an open setup with a total size of 20x120 m. It has a very central position on the Expo site, with the Italian, French and Vatican pavilions as immediate neighbours.

The Holland Pavilion is a reflection of the festivals that have evolved into a tradition in Holland over the last decade. Instead of a more ‘traditional’ Expo pavilion-setup (grand architectural structures), the scenography focuses on creating an experience by evoking individual curiosity with a feeling of enjoyment.

The Expo 2015 run from May 1 till October 31 2015. 130 participants were representing their countries under the central theme “Feeding the planet, Energy for life”.
With 21 million visitors the target was exceeded  by a million.