A jolly playground for the Kids

Category: Interiors
Year: 2015
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

The affectionately so-called "Olgäle" hospital in Stuttgart (Olgahospital) has opened its doors one year ago. Herewith a little review:
Totems was responsible for the creation of the interior: from the entrance to various waiting areas, which were planned as thematic courts with wall- and window decoration and the design of the ark as a jolly playground for the visiting children or children in treatment. The colourful circle with images of animals as shown on the image serves as a signpost to let children and their parents navigate easily through the hospital. 
Colorful and joyful places are created to help overcome illness and sometimes  sadness, and waiting time is intuitively shortened as the surrounding stimulates playtime and time for some happiness, says the idea behind the concept. 
The so-called ‘donation sculpture’, which is positioned at the entrance looks like blades of grass moved by the wind, contains rings with the names of the contributors written on it. A thank you-gesture to all who made the Olgahospital such a bright place for children, youth and women.