ISH 2013

Category: International Fairs
Year: 2013
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Junkers is a sub brand of Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH. At their ISH 2013 stand, the visitors were invited to not just gather information about the multitude of heating and hot water solutions, but to actually „grasp“ the products. To facilitate this, technologies and products were presented in a rather emotional manner, leaving the visitors with a strong impression of the Junkers brand.

The stand design made a statement of transparency and proximity. It was divided into six colorful thematic islands, marked by suspended zeppelins. Feature presentations of core innovations were held once every 15 minutes, made accessible to a large audience through specialized audio devices. Product communication concentrated on the product’s main features. For in-depth information and specialized inquiries, customer consultants – with the help of iPads – provided guidance for the visitors.

A successful overall concept with a clear conclusion: “I like Junkers”.