BAU 2013

Category: International Fairs
Year: 2013
Location: Munich, Germany

At this year's Bau fair, Fischer pulled off the amazing feat of not only increasing, but even doubling its customer leads compared to previous years. Visitors embraced the beautiful booth design like Fischer pegs are embraced by walls, so to speak.

Totems made use of the traditional building material Eternit for product presentations, while information and catering were sculpted out of MDF. Clear, articulate and organized. The overall appearance was impressive, but the real beauty was found in the details. Fischer is known for meticulously crafting all their products, revealing very fine details when being shown at close up. The graphics on the stand achieved exactly that.

The products were presented in a kind of workbench environment. Hands-on has never been more attractive! The modular workbenches were designed to be reused. Fischer will use the booth design for another three major regional fairs in 2013 as well as all upcoming in-house trade fairs.