Boulevard installation

Category: International Fairs, Interiors
Year: 2010
Location: Cologne, Germany

Title: Working Time Is Living Time

Totems created huge installations for Koelnmesse ( at the Orgatec 2010. An amazing project with daring materials. The result is stunning.  

The five installations – gigantic words – formed the sentence WORKING TIME IS LIVING TIME, the claim of this year's Orgatec, the most important furniture trade show. Lightweight metal frames hung in the middle of space. Each word materialized in a different way. The materialization expressing the word character.

WORKING - completely covered with post-its
TIME - is formed by textile
IS - 700 pieces LEITZ-binders, attached to each other
LIVING - here a light frame, covered entirely with ivy natural material
TIME - The second time, now covered with 10,000 BIC ballpoints