Holland Pavilion

Expo 2012 Yeosu

Category: World Expos
Year: 2012
Location: Yeosu, South Korea

As part of our daily life in the Netherlands, the water that constantly surrounds us, has formed us over the years and placed us in a unique position, worldwide; both in landscape and in technical ability. Using the Dutch sailor Hendrick Hamel, the Korean visitor is introduced to our history and the Delta of our Land of Water.

From the ground it is hard to grasp and experience the scale and form of our Dutch Delta. But from the sky, on satellite images or just looking down onto a map, it becomes clear. This is why the map of the Netherlands is central to the Pavilion. In theme, but also physical. When the visitors enter the map in the Main Show space, they become surrounded by an immersive, audio-visual experience, which takes them into the Dutch.

To create context for the local Korean visitor, the audio-visual map is preceded by an introduction. Hendrick Hamel, a Dutch Sailor from the Golden Age and famous in Korea, welcomes the visitor into the pre-show area, themed around the 16th Century, when the Netherlands put itself -and the World- on the map.

The post-show offers exhibits focussed on Dutch Technology and innovations in the field of international water management projects. Here running and realized Dutch projects from all over the world are shown. Finally the visitor passes by a shop filled with innovative Dutch Design products.